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Caliber FPS Overall
Weight Accuracy Case
.177" 650 39.6" 21.4" 5.3 lbs 1/5"@10M 5
.22" 530 39.6" 21.4" 5.3 lbs 1/5"@10M 5
Xisico USA introduces its first CO2 air rifle in 2010 - the XS60C. This air rifle is packed with features, most noticeably is the bolt action cocking feature mechanism. Just like popular bolt action rimfire models, simply lift the bolt and pull back to cock the gun. Then, depending on the model, place either a .177 or .22 Caliber pellet into the chamber. Close the action and you are ready to take your shot.

To power the single shot air rifle, the Model XS60C is designed to accommodate up to two 12 gram CO2 cartridges or a bulk fill CO2 refillable canister with no extra adapter required. Performance features include a sporter style hardwood stock, adjustable front and rear fiber optic sights, auto manual safety, and a rubber recoil pad.