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Caliber FPS Overall
Weight Accuracy Case
.177" 1,000 44.5" 16" 7.6lbs 0.2"@10yds 5
.22" 820 44.5" 16" 7.6lbs 0.2"@10yds 5

The XS-B26-2 is based on XS-B20 which is almost cloned from Beeman R9 -- one of the world famous breaking barrel air rifle. The chamber is changed from 25mm to 26mm. With much improved inside quality and tightened QC, XS-B26-2 now shoots 1,000 FPS with 6.2grs .177 caliber pellets. It is now equipped with muzzle brake and thumbhole stock.

XS-B26-2 is a traditional high pressure, spring loaded, piston driven air rifle. It has been equipped soft buttplate, adjustable sights, dove tail scope mounting system and safety locks. The stock has a Monte Carlo cheekpiece and the REKORD TRIGGER has been equipped as standard feature.
  XS-B26's trigger safety is automatically engaged when the rifle is cocked, and can be released by pushing the button at the rear end of the receiver. A grooved receiver is designed to fit all standard 3/8" dovetailed scope rings. It has three holes on the rear end of the receiver for scope stop.

  The REKORD TRIGGER assembly of XS-B26 is well designed. All of the parts of the trigger unit are machined solid steel,it makes it stay longer for last. The trigger pulling force is adjustable by turning a screw on the bottom of the trigger unit. This air rifle is decockable.