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Caliber FPS Overall
Weight Accuracy Case
.177" 1,100 46.9" 19.7" 9.8lbs 1/2"@30yds 5
.22" 900 46.9" 19.7" 9.8lbs 1/2"@30yds 5

The XS-B21 is the perfect combination of high technology and hand craftsmanship. It is a high pressure, spring loaded, piston driven, side cocking air rifle. It has been equipped butt plate, expendable cocking level, adjustable sights, dove tail scope mounting system, adjustable trigger force and double safety locks.

  The XS-B21 has an telescoping cocking lever(The cocking lever can be further extended by pressing a samll button on the leverand pull out) that help to reduce the cocking force. The length of the link (the rod linking the lever and the bolt) can be precisely set by adjusting the nut on the rear end. This rifle is equiped an anti-beartrap device and it has to push the release button down to push the cocking lever back. It may cause the linkage bended if someone who tried to close the bolt without pressing down the breech safety. The rear sihgt is adjustiable in both windage and elevation.

  The all-metal tunnel front sight is clamped on a dovetailed ramp, and is designed to be removable for installing an rifle scope. It is ready to accept variety of inserts (globe or post) to suit different circumstances. The hooded front sight is standard on all XS-B21. So if you want to use an aperture sight system on XS-B21, it will only need to buy the rear sight. DAISY front sight insert set (set of 4, #5998) for M-753 fits XS-B21.
  XS-B21 has an attractive matt finish (dark grey color) , a scope mount base is designed to fit all standard 3/8" dovetailed scope rings. An dome head screw is sited on the scope rail as a scope stop. The newer version of the XS-B21 has welded on scope rail to avoid fall off.
  XS-B21's trigger safety is automatically engaged when the rifle is cocked, and can be released by pushing the button at the rear end of the receiver. There is also a breech safety button near the breech port.
  The trigger assembly of XS-B21 is well designed. All of the parts of the trigger unit are machined solid steel, it makes it stay longer for last. The trigger pulling force and pulling distance are adjustable by turning both screws on the bottom of the trigger unit.